Writing a note giving instructions worksheets

This meeting is different. The council has just one more day to prepare to host a cohort of visiting PanAfrican students at Africa House, and they have some decisions to make.

Writing a note giving instructions worksheets

Each student is given a copy of the first worksheet. Students read the directions on the worksheet and draw a picture of the directions in each box. When students have completed all their drawings, their illustrations are checked to make sure they match with the directions.

Next, each student is given a copy of the second worksheet. Students then create a new set of directions. When the students have written all the directions, they hand their worksheet to a classmate for them to draw. The students are divided into pairs A and B and each student is given a corresponding worksheet.

Students take it in turns to ask their partner for directions to the places shown on their worksheet. When a student has found the place, they mark the location on the map. When both students have been given directions to all nine places, they compare their maps and see if they have marked the locations correctly.

In the activity, teams play a game where they follow directions to hidden gold stars that have been placed throughout the classroom and building. When all the stars have been found, each team is given a gold star. The teams hide their start somewhere in the building and write directions from the classroom to the location of their star.

When the teams come back, they challenge one another to find their gold star by following their directions.

The team with the most gold stars at the end of the game wins. My Map ESL Giving Directions Worksheet - Drawing, Listening and Speaking Activity - Elementary - 25 minutes In this imaginative worksheet activity, students draw a map of a town and then ask for and give directions to places on the map.

Each student is given a copy of the worksheet. Students begin by creating a map of a town in the box on their worksheet.

Note Identification

Students then write in the names of the streets and draw eight places on the map, e. When the maps are complete, the students are divided into pairs.

writing a note giving instructions worksheets

Students then take it in turns to ask for and give directions to the places on the map using the useful language on the worksheet. The students are divided into teams of three or four. Each team chooses one student to be their player. The players leave the room while the maze is being created.

The desks are rearranged to resemble a maze with one entrance and one exit. Once a maze has been created, the game begins with teams taking it in turns to play.

The first team puts a blindfold on their player outside of the classroom and then brings them to the entrance of the maze.writing Ideas Contains practical, relevant, and interesting writing prompts and writing ideas for journal and creative writing activities for anyone, but especially for those students who struggle with inventing their own.

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Following instructions: lesson plan Worksheet 2 Task 1 Listen to the manager giving instructions. Tick (√) the instructions the manager gives. Write down the instructions and read them back Task 4b Read and listen to the employee checking the instructions.

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SLr/L Listen for and understand explanations, instructions and narratives on different topics in a range of contexts. SLc/L Express clearly statements of fact, explanations, instructions.

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