Vodafones strategy

What are the fundamental paradigms that are shaping the telecom industry and what do they mean when you look at the broader business ecosystem? Some of the changes that are happening are not only happening for telecom but all industries. We are at the cusp of the new industrial revolution 4. We have to be ready for this and it will require making major changes within our organizations.

Vodafones strategy

How much to charge? How much is too much? Am I selling myself short? This article gives you some crucial things to know about product pricing strategies and techniques.

The basics In product pricing you have to make a decision what kind of a pricing strategy are you going for. The strategy of choice depends quite a lot on your product itself and its competitors. Expensive pricing People generally have a pretty good idea what is cheap and what is expensive.

Your role here is to increase its perceived value. What makes the difference? Things that drive up the perceived value of a product: Start with making your website look expensive, and make your product look fancy too.

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When it comes to information products, then pdf e-books will always seem cheap. We recommend against it.

Vodafones strategy

Repackage it into a different format, one that noone else is using. For instance if everyone else is selling e-books on your topic, do your product in video.

Video products always look higher class compared to text-only products. If your product has no unique differentiating characteristics in a crowded market, you really cannot charge more than the market average.

If all these four points are met, choosing an expensive pricing strategy can be very profitable. Things to remember about expensive products: It is one of the three strategies to increase profits the other two are to sell more products and to sell to more customersCharging more money for a product makes people instantly think it is better.

I bought 2 cars last month. Which car is better?

Cheap pricing can sometimes be better Remember:Vodafone Strategic Evaluation By Zach Abraham Arttu Larkka Alf Joachim Vennatro Henrik Roe Pacific Lutheran University School of Business BUSA Fall Semester Dr..

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Vodafones strategy

Learn More at ph-vs.com You dismissed this ad. What is the SWOT analysis of Vodafone in India? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki.

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2 Answers. Vikash Shaw, MBA from Indian Institute of Planning and Management. Try and bring market offensive strategies to target millenials like the new airtel postpaid promise or Jio dhan Dhana dhan offers. Vodafone Group plc had been finally established as an independent company in The name Vodafone is a portmanteau of voice data phone.

Through the 90s, Vodafone acquired few companies and expanded across the stretch of United Kingdom. Game on with Vodafone's zero latency project. 1 November Technology. And Vodafone Group Head of Network Strategy and Architecture Santiago Tenorio knows well, that the biggest bugbear is the amount of latency that gamers experience.

Analysis of corporate strategy pursued by the company In , Vodafone entered the Indian market by acquiring ten percent starke in Bharti Ventures lmt.


Product Pricing Strategies and Techniques