Human guilt in funeral for a fly

Health What is a Muslim funeral like in New York? Ahmet Kargi drove 12 to 14 hours to reach the community. The body is first cleansed in lukewarm water, and then wrapped. Then there is a congregational prayer service called the Janazah.

Human guilt in funeral for a fly

Human guilt in funeral for a fly

Do I try to fly home just for a funeral? October 26, 9: Or just send regrets? His daughter, who is also a good friend, offered to reimburse me for the plane ticket if I come to the funeral, which is about two weeks from today. My immediate thought was that I wanted to be there I've known him since I was very small, and he has always been a kind, wise influence in my life.

However, there are several obstacles. It will be hard to get more than a week off work; I'm at a particularly brutal point at grad school; I'm a nervous flier; and the capper my passport has expired.

Realistically, it's probably a no. But I'm still considering it -- for now. Could I even get my passport renewed that fast? I've looked at the British Consulate's website, but it seems to be pretty vague about the expedited fee process.

I'm planning to visit the S. Has anyone else had to do this in a hurry for a family emergency? I know that funerals are for the living, and that my friend won't be there, except in spirit.

What can I do next?

But I think I'd get great comfort out of being part of the ceremony to send him off. The family is hiring a Routemaster bus to drive around his favourite parts of London before the service! I can do the flight on Xanax and gin. I could hit the ground running, and see as many people as I could fit into a week's visit around the funeral.

It would be mad, and sad, and busy. But it would also be unforgettable. If I don't go, his daughter says she'll read out a letter, reminiscences, or whatever I want to send her at the service.

She won't be offended or upset if I don't go -- she just knows how much her dad meant to me. I'd appreciate any practical answers, as well as hearing stories of whether you've decided to do something similar. If there is less than 2 weeks before your trip, they will expedite it for you. Start working on the passport issue now.

I think you should. If you have a British passport, I think two weeks is likely to be enough lead time to get something to go home.

You've suffered a loss, and it's important to acknowledge that loss, even in the midst of what sounds to be a crazy time for you.I did not go to my grandmother's funeral, same exact circumstances.

So, if I were you, I would send flowers and a sympathy card and not feel any sort of guilt for not being able to attend.

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Finally, make sure that your decision is one that you can live with. If you are too wracked by guilt from not being at school and work to make the time you spend there worthwhile. The fee for receiving remains from another funeral home usually ranges from $ to $ You will likely have to pay both of these fees, in addition to any other funeral home costs.

Human guilt in funeral for a fly

To learn about transporting the body via ground, see our article Transporting a Body via Ground. Fishing funeral poem for father. Fishing funeral poem for father.

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Funeral Quotes Funeral Verses Funeral Prayers Funeral Poems For Nan Funeral Ideas Funeral Messages Funeral Songs Funeral Readings Dad Poems Forward A reading of a poem at the funeral can be a very moving sentiment, especially if read by a friend or family member.

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