Good bye lenin

Plot[ edit ] The film is set in East Berlinfrom October to just after German reunification a year later. Alex lives with his sister, Ariane, his mother, Christiane, and Ariane's infant daughter, Paula.

Good bye lenin

The Germans are supposed to have perfected this technique of government in modern times.

Good Bye Lenin!

But Prussia was not even a German territory in the beginning, as we have seen. Prussia became a part of Germany through conquest and colonization, during the Middle Ages and in early modern times. Certain features of government and public life which developed in this frontier region became a significant part of German life.

The Prussian kings eventually made themselves the masters of Germany. So, it might be wise to analyze the Prussian tradition, which became an obviously important factor in modern German history.

There is no need to treat these events in great detail, since they are a significant part of Western Civilization. We all know that the causes for this great religious schism were social and economic as well as religious, although Luther was no social revolutionary, as his encouragement of the peasant suppression revealed.

Yet the break with the universal church was permanent and Protestantism became established in Germany and several other northern European countries. But the conflict between the Holy Roman Empire and the princes, which contributed to the Reformation, continued, despite Good bye lenin so-called compromise ofwhich satisfied no one.

There was a revival of Catholicism at the Council of Trent, which brought about belated reform in the Catholic Church and set Catholicism off on a counter-offensive. Catholicism remained the predominant force in Austria, Bavaria and the Rhineland.

There was a constant quarrel over the church lands which had been secularized in the process of the Reformation. What about churchly princes who had been converted to Protestantism? What should be done with their territorial possessions?

After the so-called Ecclesiastical Reservation of the churchly princes were supposed to give up their lands. But many princes claimed that this rule was not binding.

A variety of incidents continued to escalate ill feelings and growing tensions. The emperors tried very hard to paper over the increasing series of crises.

Good bye lenin

By Germany was really divided, and not only between Catholics and Protestants. The Calvinists and Lutherans were also in a state of disarray, even within the Protestant Union which was organized in During the next decade the opposition organized itself into the Catholic League.

War now seemed to be all but inevitable. The contestants were not exactly divided along religious lines, but rather along power-political lines. The combat actually began in Bohemia, where John Hus had earlier started a religious revolt against the established church.

Hus was basically a Protestant although he was also a great Czech national figure. There bad been a genuine cultural revival in Bohemia in the l4th century and during the l4th and l5th centuries Bohemia had managed to retain a measure of independence from a reluctant Habsburg regime.

This event led to immediate conflict between the Bohemian nobility and people on the one hand and the new Catholic ruler on the other hand.

The Bohemians then made Frederick, duke of Palatine, a Protestant, king of their country. The war was on. In the end Germany lay in ruins, severely depopulated and spiritually devastated.

The results were predictable.


This war sealed the political decentralization of Germany and established the authority and power of the local princes. The many princes of Germany claimed, for the first time, political sovereignty in the French sense and the final treaties recognized that sovereignty. They could have their own armies, money, treaties and make their own economic legislation.

However, they could make no alliances against the emperor himself, whose authority nevertheless was severely eroded.

Good bye lenin

His only power base was found in his own lands-Austria, Hungary and Italy. The Swedes got a hold of Pomerania and the French retained Metz and Verdun, thus further penetrating to the Rhine frontier.

Prussia was a gainer since it received Hither Pomerania, and the son of the Count of Palatine acquired new video pornografici plus an electorate but lost the Oberpfalz. Saxony, Bavaria and Prussia were greatly enlarged and became significant powers in Germany afterthe date of the Treaty of Westphalia.

Religiously the Calvinists received the same rights as the Lutherans.Good Bye Lenin! - Sony Pictures Classics. Located a short walk from the beautiful Main Market Square, Good Bye Lenin Doubles Free Cancellation · 24/7 Customer Service · No Booking Fees · Secure BookingTypes: Hotels, Apartments, Villas, Hostels, Resorts, B&Bs.

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Mar 26,  · "Goodbye, Lenin!" is a comedy, but a peculiar one. Peculiar, because it never quite addresses the self-deception which causes Christiane to support the communist regime in the first place.3/5.

Feb 13,  · In , to protect his fragile mother from a fatal shock after a long coma, a young man must keep her from learning that her beloved nation of East Germany as she knew it has disappeared/10(K). Good Bye Lenin! - Sony Pictures Classics. Good Bye, Lenin! () IMDb 2h 1min R When his Socialist mom comes out of a coma, Alex Kerner does everything he can to convince her thatthe Berlin Wall hasn't fallen.

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